What to Do When Montessori Schools are Closed

In these uncertain times, many Montessori teachers are looking for ways to transform their concrete learning environment into the virtual one. Even though this can be possible with children who has attained a certain age but is definitely a challenging prospect when you think of the age of the Montessori kids.

Most importantly, this is entirely in contrast to the principle of Montessori learning environment. However, as the times are changing, there has to be some thought and preparation that can help the students to focus on their curriculum and not lose time just being at home. If you are certified teacher from Montessori distance education programs, you know how it is true that being at home and studying has both its pros and cons.

Montessori distance education programs

The cultural curriculum of Montessori

This has been the year where more than ever children need to connect with the cultural curriculum. It is often seen that parents put the most of the focus and attention on language or mathematics or science so cultural curriculum is forever an afterthought. However, if you look online there are a number of cultural subjects which can be educated to the children for greater good. Let’s have a look –

Exploring the literature

Most of the libraries are closed, however you can find several websites that are available and offer free download of books and audiobooks. To keep everyone engaged, as a Montessori teacher, you can use the online literature circle to make it a fun thing for the kids. Even for the upper elementary children this can become a favorite time of the day. You can use sentences, grammatical examples and parts of speech from these books to teach them language.


The professional distance education program on Montessori train the participants to become a good mentor which means unlike the traditional teachers, they work as a guide for the students. This can be the time when as a mentor you help them develop new writing skills. You can give them challenge to keep up a daily journal. Also, this can be the time when it will ask them to write poetries or get involved in different other types of creative writing. They can write letters to their friends and family whom they cannot meet due to the lockdown.

Art and music

Some kids can be more inclined towards music and arts. Again, this can be the best of the time to encourage them in utilizing the time at home in exploring the various types of music and art. You can tell them about the history of the various periods of the evolution of art and music. Eventually, they can also learn to identify the composer or singer.

Advanced practical life

As the schools are closed, it is upon the parents to help the children focus on the importance of knowing household works. There are plenty of practical life activities for children that can be practiced during depending on the age such as setting up the dinner table to sewing on buttons. There are many ways to make these kids learn the importance of lending a helping hand to their parents.


In all areas of Montessori, this has been a concrete learning subject and takes precedence over any paper pencil work. This is because, before rushing into any abstraction, the mentors help them to focus on the concepts that can help them in concrete learning. Exploring measurement, time, word problems and other logics is a fun activity.

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